How Much Are Robot Lawn Mowers?

You may have seen some robot lawn mower reviews like we talked about last time, and if you have, you’ll know that they often don’t come cheap. For some of the more popular machines, the ones that you’ll find on Amazon and other big retailers, you do to some extent get the economies of scale in manufacturing reducing the cost, but you’ll still be lucky to get under £500.

Flymo are a hugely popular brand whether you’re thinking about traditional lawnmowers, strimmers or many other garden products, and they’ve also moved into the robot mower space, but how much is a Flymo robot mower? Their flagship mover is the 1200R, and it retails for around the £1000 mark. It is, however, possible to get a good saving though, as we found when covering the reviews here.

They’re really useful for saving you time, and the quality of the finish you get from frequent mowing and keeping the blades of grass to a consistent length is unparallelled, especially when compared to a manual mower. This is where the value starts to come in – it’s about saving you time, and you value your time, don’t you? Having a perfectly mown lawn is great too – all done without you lifting a finger. So, when you see that price tag in the region of £1000, try not to compare it in your mind to that £89 special at B&Q, it’s hardly the same thing. Compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. There’s plenty to choose from, and more than just Flymo – just Google a few to get a realistic comparison, there’s more coming out with each passing month.

In summary, be sure to do your research with those robotic lawn mower reviews, and you can soon put your feet up instead of working up a sweat in the garden every week or two!